Decorating Tips

Logo Design
Following the tips below can help assure the artwork you provide will achieve the dynamic results you want when your logo is screenprinted or embroidered on your wearables. It can also help increase the efficiency and quality of the decorating process. Art that is "ready" for use is provided in an electronic file that can be used for pre-press and printing without making modifications. Below are a number of important considerations and tips to help get your art ready for decorating.

Acceptable Artwork Formats
Art may be provided in any of the following formats. Please note the modifications that may need to be made it order to make each format ready for decorating.
For all three formats, proper resolution is critical for clean results. The standard resolution for printed artwork is 300 dpi (dots per inch).

Mechanical artwork
The traditional standard for acceptable mechanical artwork is "camera-ready black and white." Mechanical artwork can be supplied on a sheet of white paper or bromide, and should be no larger than 8.5" x 11".

Hand-drawn artwork
A logo that's been drawn by hand is a great starting point, but it will need to be digitized and modified for practical use.

Digital artwork
Images created in Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, EPS or Photoshop files at 300 dpi are preferred over mechanical and hand-drawn artwork for quality of the end result and efficiency. However, digital artwork may still require modification and/or preparation for the decorating process.

Any time you supply digital artwork, be sure to include a printed proof for reference.

Disk formats
When providing your artwork on disk, it is best to use one of these more standard disk formats: CD-Rom or 100-megabyte Zip

E-mailed art
When sending your artwork via e-mail, be sure to convert fonts to outlines, email to put the work order# in the subject line.

Any art sent without a corresponding order will not be opened. Be sure to included job names, customer name and phone number. Also fax paper proof to 781.383.6502

Acceptable Artwork but not Preferred Formats
Artwork provided in the following forms, or similar forms, can be modified into ready art. Designs will be quoted on a case by case basis:

Embroidery Tips & Considerations
Estimating Stitch Count

Screenprinting & Considerations
It's important to remember that every color you want used in your artwork means another screen to create, setup, and print through. It's always beneficial to print more items than less because of the setup charges involved. If in doubt about the final quantity of screenprinted items you'll need, it's often more economical to order more than you think will be required.



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